“I saw what you did, I know who you are, I know what you did, I know who you are, I saw you, I know you, I know what you did…”

“We nearly ate chicken pancakes.”

ISBN 978-0-620-58403-6

ISBN 978-0-620-58403-6

(P.S. In the e-book, there are translations for any passages written in a foreign language.)
..“Daai bliksemse baaik. Jy wiet daai deng is gonna kill me one of these days! Saturday when I goes from here, the blerrie pedal comes off just as I reached the road. I mos had to walk blerrie miles before some ou stops and gives me a lift in his bakkie,” he said.
“Sam, you silly, you should have come back; I would have given you a lift.” I told him.
“Ja nee, but you doesn’t got chickens”
“Ja” he started to chuckle, “The ou with the bakkie, he had chickens. He mos gave me one for my dinner.”
“Ah, so I have to get some chickens then do I?”
“Nay” he laughed, “Daai chicken was an olympics, he saw Tant Sannie coming with a moerse groot butcher’s knife and he took off like a toasted cat. Net so.” he made a woofing noise through his lips and flung his arms up so fast he almost lost his balance. My cheeks hurt from laughing.
“Maar daai chicken was no metch for my Sannie. She tackles him like Bullet Dalton, Fwap! doer val die chicken plat! We nearly ate chicken pancakes.”
“Enough Sam, my tummy hurts!”
“Ja maar its good to lag nê.” …

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